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YEP Project

We are engaging youth around the country to create “Positive” Media by training them how to develop media such as Music , Video,  and 3D, Animation / Games.  Our students also work with YEP Project team members to develop professional projects for organizations.  Our past and current clients:

  • Cargill
  • ComEd
  • Exelon
  • Tenneco
  • Boeing
  • Hyatt
  • Microsoft
  • Rickman Enterprises
  • JPS Health Networks

This video is a quick description of YEP Project!


YEP Project is in Seattle working with youth to create positive media. Through an alliance with the Technology Access Foundation ( TAF), we are working with the youth at the school to develop projects ranging from Music and 2D/3D Animation to Video Productions. ...
YEP Project will be working with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) in Seattle. The YEP Team is very excited to add Boeing to our growing sponsor list along with Microsoft in the Seattle area. Microsoft is also a sponsor of TAF.  Joan Robinson-Berry, Vice ...
YEP Project recommends the following Lenovo laptops as an option for developing Creative Media.

Edward Prentice III President YEP Project states:   “The Lenovo IdeaPad 300 series of laptops delivers the power and value that is important to our mission.  ...
We are excited to be working on our first production in our new facility at the school.  We call it "Big SIS" which stands for "Studio In a School" concept.  We have built a fully functional and professional studio "inside" of an empty classroom at the ...
It is amazing what a difference good lighting can make. It is an essential part of moviemaking and often over looked. Light can create or support a mood of the film.

[caption id="attachment_321" align="alignnone" width="154"] Photo by Walt Stoneburner ...

The YEP Project  has started its first in house Music Company at Mahalia Jackson Elementary in Chicago.  We already have 4 songs written and 2 in production! The youth will operate like it is a real company! It is amazing what Youth can do when you ...
Kids learn stuff all the time. They learn in may ways and among them is doing. That's why activities are so important with the YEP project.

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YEPPROJECT is expanding. We either have a YEP Team, YEP Youth and/or sponsor projects in the cities below.  The objective is to have YEP Youth around the country developing positive media ranging in 3D Virtual Movies, Video and Music tracks to address the impact that negative media has on our youth.