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YEP Project

We are engaging youth around the country to create “Positive” Media by training them how to develop media such as Music , Video,  and 3D, Animation / Games.  Our students also work with YEP Project team members to develop professional projects for organizations. 

Our past and current clients:

  • Cargill
  • Hyatt
  • Microsoft
  • Rickman Enterprises
  • JPS Health Networks

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The 3D Virtual Movie Production Online Course is available. Anyone can get started in the world of 3D Movie Creation.

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YEPProject Cities



Current Projects

Corporate Sponsors

YEPPROJECT is expanding. We either have a YEP Team, YEP Youth and/or sponsor projects in the cities below.  The objective is to have YEP Youth around the country developing positive media ranging in 3D Virtual Movies, Video and Music tracks to address the impact that negative media has on our youth.